About Nordkraftudstillingen

Nordkraftudstillingen is a member association
Nordkraftudstillingen is an association led by a volunteer board comprised of five people. The members of the association are all people, who have had one or more works appraised at Nordkraft. The association's highest authority is the General Meeting/artist meeting, which is held bi-annually on even years in conjunction with the exhibition.

The jury
The jury is composed of five artists or arts professionals, chosen by NK's board.

The history
The association Nordkraftudstillingen was first founded at a First General Meeting, 5th of October 2012. The board was hereby handed the responsibility of Nordkraftudstillingen from then on.

Prior to this, the first Nordkraft exhibition was held in Kedelhallen in Nordkraft in Aalborg. The Examiners in 2012 were Finn Have, visual artist, Jette Wiistoft Noyes, visual artist, Poul Bækhøj, sculptor, and Anne Lie Stokbro, art historian.

In 2014, Nordkraftudstillingen moves from Kedelhallen to Kunsthal Nord in Nordkraft. Kunsthal Nord displays the same rustic expression as Kedelhallen, and contains a better environment for both the art, and the audiences.
Nordkraft provides a framework for an abundance of cultural activities, and because of this, it has a very varied audience, not just from Aalborg, but from the entire region.

The predecessors for Nordkraftudstillingen have been a string of juryed exhibitions in Aalborg from 2007 to 2011, with especially artist Margrethe Christensen and sculptor Lars Stender as driving forces behind.
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