Statutes for Nordkraftudstillingen

§ 1.

P. 1. The association's name is NORDKRAFTUDSTILLINGEN, juryed art in Aalborg.
P. 2. The association was founded on October 5th, 2012.

§ 2.
P. 1. The members of the association are artists, who have had their work accepted for Nordkraftudstillingen.
P. 2. No member of the association can be held economically responsible for deals made by the association.

§ 3.
P. 1. The association is lead by a board consisting of 5 people, with elections held every 4 years.
P. 2. The Board is responsible for the bi-annual exhibition. The exhibition is demanded to be held in way so that it is worth points with regards to the danish Billedkunstnernes Forbund.
P. 3. The Board is responsible for the association's economy and are tasked with applying for funds, etc.
P. 4. The Board constitutes itself. The Board can hire consultants etc. for tasks related to the exhibition.
P. 5. The Board keeps a record of all members.
P. 6. The Boards works in meetings and keeps a log of all decisions. The report of proceedings is sent to the Board, and adoptions or corrections are made at the next board meeting.
P. 7. Liabilities
The association is held externally responsible through signature. Signatures are to be made by the chairman, in case of absence, the vice chairman, and one other board member.
Procura can be announced.

§ 4.
P. 1. The Board calls for a General Meeting by letter or e-mail. The notice requires to have reached the members no later than at the time of the vernissage. The General Meeting is held in connection with the dismantling the exhibition.

P. 2. The following agenda is to be used at the General Meeting:
1. Election of moderator
2. Report from the Board
3. Financial report
4. Received suggestions
5. Jury suggestions for next exhibition
6. Election of Board members
7. Election of alternates for 2 the next 2 years
8. Election of accountant for the next 2 years.
9. Other
At the General Meeting in 2014, the board will be chosen thusly: The three first for 4 years, and the last two for 2 years. Then all are chosen for 4 years.
P. 3. Persons outside the exhibition group can be elected for the board if at least 8 members nominates him or her in writing.
P. 4. Suggestions wished to be processed at the General meeting shall reach the board in writing at least 14 days before the General Meeting.
P. 5. An extraordinary General Meeting is held when at least 20 members request it in writing, including motivation, or if a majority of the Board finds it necessary.
P. 6. The board calls for an extraordinary General Meeting at least 4 weeks prior to the meeting, and at most 6 weeks after the request has been made. The call for the extraordinary General Meeting will be made via letter or e-mail.

§ 5.
P. 1. The statutes of the association can be changed at a General Meeting, if 2/3 of the people present vote in favor of it.
P. 2. Suggestions for statute changes shall be received by the members at least one week before the General Meeting.

§ 6.
P. 1. The association Nordkraftudstillingen can be dismantled, when at least 2/3 of the members at two consecutive General Meetings with at least 5 weeks apart vote in favor of it.
P. 2. In case of dismantling, the association's funds must be transferred to a non-commercial art exhibition company in Aalborg.

Agreed upon at the First General Meeting, October 5, 2012
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