Rules for entry NK16

Rules for entry Nordkraftudstillingen 2016
NK16 receives all types of work.
NK16 receives works in all categories from all artists, regardless of nationality, place of residence, and age. Single individuals as well as groups can submit work.

NK16 – artistic quality criteria
The jury puts the exhibition together based solely on artistic criteria. Single items will be juryed, and the collected jury will consider every work that has been submitted.
During the process, the jury does not get any information about you other than your journal number.

The registry fee is 500 kr. (€67), and covers the charge of 1 registry form.
Payment is online via NK's homepage. Accepted card: Dankort, eDankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and JCB.
When the payment has been accepted, you receive your receipt by e-mail. The receipt contains the password you need to submit and upload your work to NK16.
You can edit your submission until July 14, 2016 at midnight.
If your work is accepted, there is an additional fee of 100 kr. (€13,50) per accepted item.

Registry deadline
Registry is online via NK's homepage, May 14 – July 14, 2016 at midnight.

Number of items
You can submit 6 items on one registry form within all categories.
If you wish to register more than 6 items, you have to buy an additional registry form.

Submission of works
The registry for NK16 is divided into 3 rounds, based on your digital uploads.
You need to register and upload your work via the registration form.
Passwords and journal numbers are found in your receipt of payment.
For every submitted item you can upload 4 images.
Video, animation, sound, and other work that can not be documented as image files need to be sent in via letter on a DVD or a USB, with a clear note of journal number. The address is Nordkraftudstillingen, Edgar Funchs Vej 1, 9000 Aalborg. The jury needs to have received it no later than July 14. Please note that you can not send documentation to Kunsthal Nord. All work needs to be registered via the registration form – that includes video and audio work.

It is the submitter's own responsibility to document their work in a quality that leaves no doubt about the character and appearance of the work.
You can use video as a documentation if your work is non-documentable with a photo.
See technical specifications below

What is not accepted
NK does not accept work that have previously been accepted onto the following exhibitions: KE, KS, KP, Forårsudstillingen Charlottenborg, Nordkraftudstillingen or DCK on Funen, Denmark

What are the images used for
The submitted material is only shown to the jury.
All uploaded images will be deleted from NK's server after the exhibition.
NK holds the right to use images of accepted works for communication purposes.

When will I know if I have been accepted onto NK16

You can expect an answer July 23. Your answer will be sent to the e-mail you provided at registration.

Mounting the exhibition

It is the responsibility of the jury to oversee of the overall consistency of the exhibition.
You are not allowed to hang up your own work, unless your work requires that you are present.
It is your responsibility to provide the necessary technical equipment, if your work requires it.
You can not make demands about a specific placement in the exhibition.
NK strives to give each work optimal conditions, while also taking the physical and economic restrictions into account.
Accepted works can not be returned before the exhibition has ended.

It is the artist's own responsibility to insure his or her work. NK takes no responsibility for fire, damages, or loss of submitted work. Also, NK takes no responsibility for damages to work because of faulty shipping.

Acceptance fee
No later than August 1st, you have to pay an acceptance fee of 100 kr. (€13,50) per accepted item. The fee goes toward covering expenses in relation to the exhibition.
Bank information
Dronninglund Sparekasse
Reg nr: 9044
Account nr: 0001486705

Payment from other countries

IBAN-nr. DK3790440001486705

Sale of work at NK
If work is sold during the exhibition, a 35% provision fee for NK is included in the price. Remember to calculate this in yourself.
If your works are not for sale, note “privateje” on the registry form.
The audience award is not affected by provision.

Transport of work
It is your own responsibility that your work arrives on time, and you have to package and transport it yourself.

Work that has been accepted at NK16 is delivered or sent, so that it arrives no later than August 1st, 11am – 8 pm, at the address: Kunsthal Nord, Kjellerups Torv 5, 2. 9000 Aalborg.
Small artworks can be sent to: Edgar Funchs Vej 1, 9000 Aalborg.
You have to pay for transport and transport insurance yourself.
The cheapest solution is to buy a return bill together with sending in the work.
NK returns the work for a fee of 100 kr per journal number.
Items with the same journal number are sent together.
Remember to note on the registry form which transport is used.
If transporting work from Copenhagen, Hellerup Flytteforretning is recommendable.

Personal collection after the exhibition

After the exhibition, the work can be collected Saturday, September 3, 4-5 PM, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

Questions regarding NK16 can be addressed to
In the registry period, it will be possible to contact the association by phone, see
Contact NK

Nordkraftudstillingen on Facebook
Edgar Funchs Vej 1, 9000 Aalborg
Tlf. 71992498